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Biographie To take another example of judicial evil, which, even after the execution of Socrates, does not seem to have turned from high to low, is what happened to Calvary more than 1800 years ago. This man, who had seen his life and heard his conversation, had such an impression of his moral greatness in his memory that for the next eighteen centuries he was worshipped as the incarnation of Almighty God. He was put to a despicable death. As what kind of person? As a blasphemer. Men not only misunderstood the man who had done them good, they misunderstood him as the very opposite of what he was, and treated him as an ungodly troll, which is what they themselves are today because they have treated him that way. Mankind's aversion today to those two grievous punishments, especially the latter of the two, makes their judgment of the ominous actors at that time extremely unfair. The protagonists, in all respects, are really not bad, no worse than ordinary people, and rather on the contrary, they have the full or more or less the full religious,Carbon in Pulp, moral and patriotic feelings of the time and people; They are also the kind of people who, in any age, including our own, have every opportunity to live their lives in dignity without condemnation. The great clergyman, when he tore his robes and uttered those words of accusation which, under all the ideas of the nation at that time,tin beneficiation plant, constituted the most serious crimes, his fear and indignation could have been as sincere as the religious and moral sentiments of all pious and respectable people today; And, likewise, most of those who today would be appalled by his actions, had they lived in his time and been born Jewish, would have acted precisely as he did. Some orthodox Christians, who tend to think that those who stoned the first martyrs must be worse men than themselves, should remember that one of those persecutors was saint Paul. Let us take another example. If we measure the impression of this mistake from the wisdom and morality of the person who falls into the mistake, it can be said to be the most touching. If there ever was a man who, at the level of authority, had grounds for considering himself the best and most enlightened of all men, it was Marcus Aurelius the Great (emperor Marcus Aurelius). As the despot of the entire civilized world, sodium cyanide price ,coltan ore processing, he lived not only with unsullied justice, but also with the gentlest of hearts that could scarcely be expected from his stoic upbringing. The few faults that can be attributed to him are on the side of indulgence alone; and as for his writings, the highest moral product of the ancient mind, there is only an indiscernible difference, if any, from the most characteristic doctrine of Christ. Such a man, such a better Christian in every sense except dogmatism than almost any other known Christian head of state in the past, has persecuted Christianity. He stood at the summit of all previous human achievements, he had an open and unfettered intellect, he had the character to guide himself to embody the ideal of Christ in his moral writings, but he failed to see that Christianity was a good thing and not a harm to the world in which he had deeply invested himself with his obligations. He knew that the society at that time was in a sad state. Nevertheless, he saw, or thought he saw, that the world was held together and kept from getting worse by following the accepted path of God. As a ruler of mankind, he saw it as his duty not to tear society apart, and he could not see how the existing ties of society, if dissolved, could form any other ties to knit it together again. The new religion, on the other hand, is openly aimed at dissolving those ties. Therefore, unless his obligation is to adopt that religion, it seems that his obligation is to extinguish it.
Thus, because the theology of Christianity did not seem to him to be the truth or to derive from divine providence; Since the strange history of the crucified God was hard for him to believe, and such a system of thought, which was entirely based on what he could not believe at all, could not naturally be imagined by him to be the motive force of that adjustment (but in fact it had proved to be so even after all the weakening); So this most gentle and amiable philosopher, as ruler, with a solemn sense of obligation, ruled out the persecution of Christianity. This is in my mind one of the most tragic facts in all history. It pains me to think how different Christianity in the world would have been if the Christian faith had been adopted as the religion of the empire under the protection of Marcus Aurelius and not under the protection of Constantine. It should be noted, however, that there is no justification that can be offered for punishing the doctrine of the Antichrist, as Marcus Aurelius thought, but for punishing the spread of Christianity, as he practiced it; and it would be unjust and inconsistent for us to deny it to him. There was no Christian who believed in atheism as a fallacy tending to the disintegration of society more firmly than did Marcus Aurelius, who believed in Christianity, and who of all men at the time must be considered the most able to understand it. Thus I admonish every one who is in favor of the idea of punishment, unless he flatters himself to be wiser and better than Marcus Olyas, to have a deeper understanding of the wisdom of his time, to be superior in his intellect to the wisdom of his time,gold heap leaching, to be more devoted to the truth than he is, and to be more devoted after he has found the truth than he is. Do not doubly assume the impossibility of error in yourself and in the crowd, knowing that it was the actions of the great Antoninus that led to such an unfortunate result. 
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