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Biographie Suddenly remembered how things can be so smooth, then asked: "Right, sister, you really meet it?"? But as soon as he took the jade pendant from me, we followed him. It's not going to go so well, is it? "That depends on me!" A clear and familiar voice suddenly came from the back room. Chapter 49 of the main text Chapter 49 Have subconsciously turned their heads, suddenly frightened: "Pinting?!" Pinting put her hands on her waist and swaggered out of the house, the red gauze stroking the snow, leaving a pale pink light. \ \ Read-Book ^ Pavilion "Thanks to me," said Pinting with a smile, "otherwise the matter would have been exposed." Jing Fei also said with a smile, "Thanks to Pinting, she secretly came to tell us that the queen mother had come here." I was even more confused: "But … …" How did Pinting know about this? With his hands hanging on two strands of hair, he tilted his head and smiled. "That's a coincidence. I saw Sister Wan and a man in Jingyi Pavilion. I felt strange. I went up to see them and was surprised.". | ^ After he left, I wanted to go up and ask Sister Wan, but I found that the queen mother hurried to Wanxinyuan from not far away, and I knew it was not good, so I went straight to Wanxinyuan. "Pinting is so clever." Xuexuan doted on her nose with her hand. It's really a loss to Pinting. With a smile, she turned around and took Jing Fei's hand. "Sister," she asked softly, "then you and him.." Is a touch of sad wry smile, under the moonlight, the face of the city, desolate and sad, gently brushed away my hand, turned around and sighed: "It is fate,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but what can it do?" The starlight was fading, and endless desolation crept up her brows and trembled from her thick eyelashes. Moru. I'm sorry Xuexuan light way, clear eyes are thick apology, between the eyebrows of juvenile childishness. Looking back suddenly, the beautiful face smiled sadly: "No, I have no chance with him, how can I blame you?" Spreading her eyelashes upward, she took a deep breath and said, "Well, I should go back." Then he walked slowly,iron nail machine, like a weak willow supporting the wind, weak and slow, leaving a place of sadness. When Pinting saw that there were only three of us left, she felt embarrassed, so she bowed and left with Jing Fei. Quiet winter night, the snow is falling, the moon is very thick, charming and intoxicating, like a dream. In the quiet garden, you can hear each other's breath, like flying snow falling, light and touching. I walked slowly to his side, and there was an impulse in my powerlessness. My whole body leaned against him and pillowed on his chest. I thought to myself: Compared with Jing Fei, he and I are already happy. Although we are three thousand beauties, we can meet each other every day. What's the matter? He kissed my hair tenderly. Nothing, just want to lean on you, let me feel your existence. I have a feeling that happiness is hard to find, and I just want to hold it firmly all my life. Idiot He chuckled, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, held my shoulders, tilted his head and stared at me, as if to see through all my feelings, handsome facial features, exquisite and impeccable, black as jade eyes let me indulge. At the moment of absence, two pieces of soft and light as snow were gently sucked on my eyelids. I closed my eyes slightly, and a stream of liquid burned in my body like fire. The snow is numerous and numerous, the stars are dotted, the night is the curtain, there is no sound in the night, as if only he and I exist at this moment. As if to bring us together and never separate.. Chapter 50 of the main text Chapter 50 At the time of early spring, the plum blossoms are sparse, the ice dissolves, and the grass grows and warblers fly. ( ^) (Reading Pavilion) Everything is a new beginning. It was a large group of people and horses moving forward, sitting in the carriage, the mountain road was bumpy, there were young birds chirping, the spring was chilly, the curtain of the car was lifted lightly, and the mountains were empty, the green shadows were sparse, and the warblers were flying. In front, dressed in a pansy gold embroidered dragon robe, the white horse is vigorous and heroic. Rare to let Xuexuan take us out to hunt, originally just a man fun, because the queen mother proposed, then picked a few concubines to go together. Qiao Yuxi and I sat together in a carriage.
"Rosy clouds, do you think this palace is beautiful?" Qiao Yuxi straightened her hair and sideburns, looked in the mirror, and said to the maid beside her. \ \ Read-Book ^ Pavilion "It's a little stingy to use it on the empress." Replied the maid of honor. The rosy clouds, I glanced at her quietly out of the corner of my eye. This familiar face suddenly remembered that it was the maid who held me tightly when Qiao Yuxi went to rescue her last time. How interesting Qiao Yuxi covered her mouth with a gentle smile. Pointing at the rosy clouds, she said with a smile, "You girl, your little mouth is really getting better at talking." "The empress has wronged the maidservant, and what the maidservant said is the truth." Qiao Yuxi laughed a few more times and suddenly sighed, "Alas, it's just a pity that someone is not as beautiful as this palace, but he still has the favor of the emperor. This palace can't figure it out."? Where did you lose to her? The rosy clouds glanced at me disdainfully and said, "Maybe they know some foxy witchcraft."! Otherwise, how could our empress lose? "Caixia, how dare you say that our empress is not." Qin son scolded her in a harsh voice. The rosy clouds have nothing to fear: "What's the matter?"? Did I say your empress? I'm just saying some people, some people, really, what are you nervous about? "You.." Qin son two eyes stare angrily, for a moment speechless, under the impulse to throw a slap to the rosy clouds. The rosy clouds covered her left face, tilted her head and squinted, and her bloodshot eyes stared angrily: "How dare you hit me?" "How dare you beat the maid of the palace?" Qiao Yuxi angrily drank, and with a slender hand, she threw it at Qin'er. The morning light is slightly bright, the mountain scenery is gradually bright, and through the curtain of the car, it is weak. Bright red Kou Dan, pale golden light, is brilliant, flowing in the air, and then suddenly stopped,Nail Making Machine price, beautiful and gorgeous. Pow! Inside the car, there was a silence. They all cast surprised eyes on me. I blocked Qiao Yuxi's hand to Qin'er with one hand, and with the other hand I slapped Caixia in the face again. 
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