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Biographie For so many years, although she did not experience the feeling of hunger, it was all because of major surgery. This kind of delicious food is clearly in front of us, but the feeling of not being able to eat it is really uncomfortable. The old lady covered her chest and coughed twice, attracting Muchu's attention. She looked at the old lady's expression and broke the silence. "Old lady, do you feel your throat is very numb and itchy, but it doesn't work to take any medicine?" The Mammy beside the old lady laughed. "Can Erxiu still treat people?" Mu Chu nodded, stood up with a serious face, and saluted the old lady: "If the old lady doesn't mind, can you let Chu Er help the old lady to have a look? When Chu Er is free, he likes to rummage through his mother's books to read, especially a medical book that records all kinds of medicines. He knows a little about some strange symptoms!" The old lady frowned. "Where are the books?" Mu Chu eyes with some helplessness, lips moved, a pair of eyes unconsciously contained a trace of mist: "Winter is really cold, Chu son in order to warm, have been burned!" Mu Chu did not lie, the mother of the original owner as a princess, like to read those romantic books of course, but because the original owner can not read, those books were indeed burned by her. It's just that there are no medical books in it. Although the explanation was not thorough enough,Steel investment casting, it also dispelled the old lady's suspicion and explained the origin of her medical skills. The old lady nodded faintly, with an angry look in her eyes. Mu Chu was about to come forward when someone knocked at the door. Lan Gu walked ahead and whispered to the old lady, "Old lady, madam has come!" The old lady asked Mu Chu to stand aside first, frowning gently. If you let her in, I'd like to see how Yue has managed all the things in this house for so many years! The sound of footsteps at the door came, and Yue came in wearing a bright red smoky skirt, her beautiful eyes shining,die cast light housing, and her enchanting eyebrows and eyes with a touch of imperceptible sharpness. Chapter 25 lack of greed. "Before I entered the door, I felt that the old lady had lost her temper. How did you servant girls serve her?" Yue's eyebrows were lightly raised, and a pair of beautiful long eyebrows frowned gently. As soon as he entered the door and saw Muchu sitting beside him, there was a trace of suspicion in his heart. It's so late that the old lady has no rest. Is there anything important to find a wife? Yue Shi came forward to salute the old lady slightly above, his eyes flickering, with a bit of inquiry. There was no expression on the old lady's face. "Yue, you're sitting here. The old man has something to ask you!" An elegant costume, let Yue's own momentum is better, she sat in the position of the old lady, raised his head, turned his head and looked at Mu Chu: "Don't have a good rest in the room at night, dare to come to the old lady here to disturb, this lady didn't teach you?" Mu Chu stood up and saw that Yue Shi had given the crowd a blow as soon as he entered the door, and the smile at the corners of his mouth gradually thickened. Although the old lady did not manage the inner house all the year round, titanium machining parts ,die casting parts, she was very clear about Yue's every move. No one cared about her outside, but if she put it in front of the old lady, it would be impossible. Chu'er came to pay his respects to the old lady at her command! Yue saw the smile on the corners of Mu Chu's mouth, the gas in her heart was not in one place, but now the old lady is in front of her, she is a lot of convergence, after all, Prime Minister Mu's virtuous name is outside, she is the mother of the house, also can't give the master a disgrace. She restrained her temper and said earnestly, "When you come to the old lady, send someone to inform her. If she knows that you intend to disturb the old lady's recuperation, she will punish you well." There was a stern tone in her voice, showing her concern for the old lady, but she suppressed Mu Chu in disguise. The old lady herself is a personal character, where can not hear the meaning of Yue's words, can not help but slightly dark pupil dark.
"Yue Shi, it was the old man who called Chu Er over today. Will the old man call someone over later with your consent?" "Madam Yue hurriedly lowered her head and said respectfully," How dare you, daughter-in-law? It's just for the sake of the old lady. " Yue Shi hung her head slightly and hid the light in her eyes. She couldn't afford to treat her daughter harshly, but if she really treated her harshly, what could she do? Just make up for it a little and stop everyone's mouth. The old lady waved her hand and said, "That's all. I'm not here to listen to you teach people a lesson today. Although Chu Er is not your own, she is the legitimate daughter of Mu Fu. You know what you have done for so many years!" Muchu listened, feeling a little surprised at the old lady's words, but for a moment she understood that she had mentioned in front of Lan Gu today that she wanted to repair the yard for the old lady, who must have known how much silver she had in her hand. Today, she stood up for herself and taught Yue a lesson. First, because of the benefits she promised, and then she wanted to teach Yue a lesson secretly. Yue had covered her dowry for so many years, but the old lady didn't see a penny. You can imagine her mood. Old lady, that's not right. What did my daughter-in-law do to make you say that about me? Yue's tone was somewhat questioning, and it was clear that he did not want to tell the truth. The old lady's face is a little ugly, although some things are on the surface, but there is no evidence, these years she saw in the eyes, just because Mu Chu is dead or alive and she has little to do with it, she did not pay attention to it, but where can I think that there is such a large dowry behind her. Mu Chu's eyes flashed gently, and he stood up with an embarrassed face: "Old lady, in fact, her mother..." Before she had finished speaking, she heard a tearing sound, and the dress on the skirt was scraped out because it accidentally touched the corner of the table. Yue's eyes contracted slightly, his eyes crossed a line of anger,deep draw stamping, and his eyes stared at Mu Chu. With a touch of embarrassment on his face, Mu Chu hid the broken place behind him: "Mother didn't embarrass Chu. Don't blame mother, old lady!" 。 
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