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Biographie "I waited for you for two days, not to hear you say this, I want you to see the true face of Jiang Nan, he is a despicable villain, he is not worthy of you!" "What about you?" Youyou frowned, endured the pain on his shoulder, and opened his mouth coldly, "Didn't you lie to me?"? He cheated for fifteen years. If Jiang Nan hadn't told me, I might not have known until now. He and Jiang Nan are like natural enemies, trying to dig each other's handle. Only she, like a fool, waited for them to reveal the ugly truth in front of her one by one. Have you considered her feelings? "Youyou, that's not the case, that's different, I never wanted to hurt you." Yaheng's face changed and he was anxious to explain. Any deception in the name of love is a kind of injury in itself. Youyou opened his mouth word by word,14 tube fitting, pushed Yaheng's hand away, and stood in front of him, smiling at the corners of his mouth. Her eyes were as clean and clear as ever. We grew up together. If you know me, you should know that I will not change myself because of other people's eyes. If I want to accept a person's love, the premise must be that I love him too. “……” "So I refuse you. It has nothing to do with Jiang Nan. It has nothing to do with whether I slept with him or not. It's just that I don't love you. I don't want to cheat you. That's the answer." Youyou raised his face and looked at Yaheng steadily. Is Jiang Nan worth it? What if his love for you is not one in ten thousand of yours? Ya Heng is unwilling to narrow his eyes. Youyou shrugged indifferently, "then I will try harder to love him until he must be me." This book is from Chapter 3099 confessions (11).  “……” Yaheng was choked and unable to speak,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, staring straight at Youyou. To tell you the truth, I don't know when I fell in love with him, and when I found out, it seemed that I had liked him for a long time. Youyou raised his head and looked at Yaheng. Can't you really be friends? "Impossible!" Yaheng gnashed his teeth, his side hand clenched into a fist, and his expression became very ugly in an instant. Had it not been for Jiang Nan's use of despicable means to get Youyou, Youyou would not have refused him so resolutely. They grew up together, and no one knows Youyou better than he does. As long as he waited until she was tired of playing and wanted a home, he would see him naturally. It's Jiang Nan! It was Jiang Nan's design that made Youyou decide to be with him under pressure. He will never be friends with Jiang Nan in his life! "What are you thinking about, Aheng?" Youyou looked at his gloomy face and his heart missed a beat. I wonder if you could stay in Sweden all the time, would everything be rewritten today? If Jiang Nan hadn't designed you, 12 needle valve ,brass tube fitting, wouldn't you have been so anxious to refuse me? Yaheng's voice was so light that he could not hear any emotion. The dark brown pupil was filled with a faint light, which was cold and frightening. I said, this has nothing to do with Jiang Nan, the person who makes the decision is me. Youyou frowned and pondered for a moment before opening his mouth. Is it because of this that you will target Jiang Nan? Is it you who is dealing with Jiang Nan behind his back? "Yes, it's me." Yaheng did not shy away from opening his mouth and looked directly at Youyou with cold eyes. He took away my most precious treasure, how can I let him live happily? “……” Youyou's body suddenly shook and his eyes widened unexpectedly. Even though the answer had been hovering in her heart for a long time, she was still fantasizing in her heart that it was not Yaheng. She was afraid to see her best friend become an enemy with the man she liked. Does Jiang Nan already know, how will he deal with it? Youyou's brain became chaotic for a moment, pressing his ears with both hands and retreating.
"Youyou, you are too simple. You don't know what Jiang Nan has done these years. He has done everything he can in the market. He used his power to fight a commercial war and made a hostile takeover of small companies and bars that are not as large as Zhishang Entertainment. In just three years, Zhishang Entertainment has such a scale. Do you really think he got it by his ability?"? A profiteer like him must be punished by everyone! Seeing that her face was not right, Yaheng stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder. What are you talking about? Youyou waved his hand and could not help shouting, "No matter what Jiang Nan did, there are relevant departments in the supervision, it is not your turn to act as a messenger of justice." Youyou took a deep breath and looked at the crazy Yaheng, and his voice calmed down. Ya Heng, can you wake up? I don't understand things in the market, but I believe Jiang Nan, even if he is young and reckless, Uncle Jiang and Uncle Jie will not let him go, you stop. Stop it. She doesn't want to see them kill each other. Behind Jiang Nan are the three big families of Jiang, Shan and Ye, while behind Yaheng is the Audry family, Sweden's largest aristocrat. No matter who wins or loses, the final result will be a lose-lose situation. Change places, if today is Jiang Nan wants to deal with me, will you also help me to plead for mercy like this? This book is from Chapter 3100 Confession (12).  Yaheng opened his lips coldly and stared at Youyou for a moment. Please search () to see the most complete! Fastest updated There was anticipation in his eyes. Yes, because you are my best friend. Youyou opened his mouth very simply. Without waiting for Yaheng to open his mouth, he added, "The only good friend." “……” "Ya Heng, just for me, don't go against Jiang Nan any more. Jiang Nan's business methods may be overbearing, but he grew up in a private villa. Uncle Jie's first rule is not to bully others. He won't do anything harmful." Even if she had never asked Jiang Nan about this, she was convinced. What if I say no? Ya Heng's dark brown pupil flashed and opened his mouth word by word. He has never been a messenger of justice, nor does he want to seek justice for anyone. He just hates. Hate Jiang Nan mean,needle valve manufacturer, first step with shameless means to get excellent. Do not let Jiang Nan pay the price, this tone, how he can not swallow. Yaheng.. 。 
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